This morning I went to take the kids to daycare. I was thinking we would walk; it’s close and it was a beautiful morning. I forgot to share that piece of information with them so when they went outside, they got in the car. I said let’s walk, they whined, I caved. We drove the 30 seconds to school (with my heartfelt apologies to the rainforests) and went in. I dropped them off with plenty of hugs, kisses and high fives, and I left. I was thinking about making more coffee and climbing back into bed for 15 minutes. I got almost all the way home before I realized I had forgotten the car at school.

The worst part was that on the way home, I walked past the home of our favourite neighbourhood cat, Harry, and saw him lounging contentedly under his person’s car. I thought, hey, if we had walked to school this morning, the kids could have petted him. It was several more houses before I remembered that we didn’t walk, and that I was missing what is possibly the largest physical object that I own (second only to my house).

I am on my way to Tim Horton’s now, for coffee. I am debating about taking the car. I am also a little nervous about taking the kids anywhere at the moment. I’m pretty sure I left them at daycare…


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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