I am seriously considering dropping out of the NaNoWriMo challenge, and yes, I know, it is November 3rd. I suck. There are several reasons.

1. I am discovering that I don’t like the feeling of knowing people are reading something that I haven’t edited, or worked to death.

2. I would rather present a finished piece for your perusal. Better yet, I would rather no one ever read my fiction, until I am dead, when scholars can pore over it and dig for sex and death imagery until the cows come home, and Christie’s can auction off my hard drive for millions of dollars (reach for the sky), so my great-grandchildren never need to worry about how they will pay for their education.

3. I need to write 1700 words a day to make it and I am not really finding I want to spend that much time in front of my computer. I am preferring to spend it, say, with my children, or, occasionally, cutting my toenails.

4. This particular piece of writing is a plotless pile of crap.

I may not post to the Ten Minutes blog for a while… I think I’ll still plug away at it but I don’t really like how this one is turning out. Maybe I’ll abort and find a new plot.

Sorry to my dedicated fans. I will keep up this blog, though. Hey, two posts in one night. Maybe I don’t suck that bad. Shows you what I’d rather be doing.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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