Jack now knows more than Aimee about the birds and the bees, simply because he asks and she doesn’t. This is a conversation Jack and I had today.

Jack, playing with his scrotum, shrivelled from post-swim chill: When it’s big, that means there’s pee in there and when it’s small, it means I don’t have to pee.

Me (poking somewhere near his bladder): No, your pee is in there.

J: Oh. What are those little balls then?

M: Those are your testicles.

J: What are testicles?

M: They are where the seeds that turn into babies come from.

J: But girls have babies, not boys.

M: Yes, but for a baby to start, a boy has to put his seeds into a girl so it can meet up with her egg and grow into a baby.

J: Oh. Why does only girls grow babies?

M: Because only girls have uteruses.

J: What’s a uterus?

M: It’s the place where babies grow inside of girls.

Sigh. Inevitable, I guess. And it had to take place in the not-so-private change room at the Y. I guess Aimee and I will need to have a similar conversation soon, so Rebecca doesn’t fill in any blanks with her trademark brand of almost-truth and leave me to set the record strainght. After all, who would she believe, me, her own mother, a nurse, or Rebecca, Second Grader? I’d bet on the latter.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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