…to Superstitions.

I have noticed that the locker room door at work, which is supposed to be locked at all times, is more often unlocked when I have gone to the effort of getting out my key. If I just try the knob, it is always locked.

I believe in lucky pennies. The last two I found were indeed lucky…I found the first the day I got a call for the interview for my current job. I was desperate for a new job and I found a penny and my friend asked what would be my idea of luck. I told her a job interview, and I got one that day. Oh, and I was offered the job on my birthday. My most recent penny was found shortly before I won a donut from Tim Hortons.

If I mention something out loud, the opposite tends to come true. At the conference I went to a couple of weeks ago, there were door prizes. I told whoever was listening that because I had recently won a donut from Tin Horton’s, I wasn’t due to win anything. But sure enough, I won a nice box of 4 mini-bottles of wine which I then carted all over Toronto. Of course, this doesn’t always work. I tried it with my last cup of Tim’s coffee, hoping for the plasma screen tv, but all I got was “Play Again”. But it happens enough that I am starting to say things aloud to protect myself from the opposite.

Also, when I forget to throw my book in my bag and therefore have nothing to read on the bus, I never meet someone I know to talk to. I get company only when I have a really good book that I am dying to read. Or when I am grumpy and it hurts to be polite.

Kids hurry when you are actually running on time, and drag their feet when you are late. The bus comes early when you are running behind, but late when it’s -40C and you forgot your scarf. In my clinic, the two x-rays missing from the 40 in the envelope are the only ones I really need.

You get the idea. I think there is a larger force at work here. Don’t you?


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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