Jack and I had this conversation today. It took place, as many good ones do, while driving in the car. They had been given money by Great-Gramma for Aimee’s birthday yesterday and just spent it.

Jack: Where do we get money?

Me: Well, when Daddy and I go to work, our companies pay us every second week for the work we do. (I figured a lesson in health-care economics might be above and beyond, so I stuck with the private sector for simplicity)

J: Where do the companies get money?

M: Well, in Daddy’s trucking company, people who need stuff delivered pay his company to deliver it. Then his company pays Daddy for the work he does to help keep things moving.

Then we arrived home, and the conversation, unfortunately, ended. Clever questions, I thought.

Shortly after, Aimee and I were driving in the car alone. Here is a conversation we had:

Me: Those were some pretty good questions Jack asked about money.

Aimee: Yeah, Jack always asks questions like that.

Me: He’s a pretty curious kid. One of these days you and I should sit down and talk about stuff like where babies come from and what’s going to happen to your body when you’re about 12 or so.

A: I don’t want to.

M: Why? Is it a little embarassing?

A: Yes.

M: Yeah, I agree. But you should know what to expect, and important things like how to avoid getting a baby until you’re ready for it.

The conversation ended there with no useful response out of Aimee. If Jack is the most curious kid ever, Aimee is the most uncurious. Jack is the one recently who asked how the baby lions were going to get out of the tummy of the zoo’s new lioness, prompting a little anatomy/reproduction talk. I don’t know if it just doesn’t occur to Aimee to wonder or if she really does find things that embarassing. If the latter, I wonder why. Although we have never actively discouraged talking about potentially embarassing things, like reproduction, we have never really got into it either.

A nurse should have no compunction about discussing the birds and the bees. It’s odd that her kid does. We’ll have to work on it.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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