OK, we`re on the road. We got away just after 10:30. It took exactly 41 minutes and 43 seconds for the first “Are we there yet?”

So far the kids have watched about 20 minutes of The Incredibles, played Gameboy, Leap Pad, listened to music and ate junk food. There’s not much left to do, and as Jack is well aware, we still have a good three hours left. But I have to say it hasn’t been too bad at all. I’ll keep you posted.

Update – we just passed a semi filled to the roof with live chickens. Their feathers were blowing around and it looked like snow. They were crammed in so tight they couldn’t move. It looked singularly uncomfortable. It almost made me want to be a vegetarian, so I could feel virtuous and superior at my selfless commitment to save the chickens of the world. The saving grace was the utterly blank expressions on their faces. Oblivious to the fact that they are one and all on their way to the KFC buffet we saw advertised a while back. And not in a good way.

Oh, and I forgot the funniest part of the trip so far. When we crossed the border, the customs guy confiscated the pepperoni from our sandwiches. Yup, made us peel it off and hand it over. No Canadian beef at all into the USA (like there’s any real meat in pepperoni). We might somehow spread Mad Cow disease, I guess. Well, buddy, you’re welcome to it. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for another outbreak. With sandwich meat. Enjoy.

Jack, holding his stuffed dog: Mommy, what if there was a world with little teeny tiny people, and this dog came and squished them all down. How much longer?

Update: sitting in the hotel. We have been swimming in the hotel pool, out for some milk and snacks to put in the fridge, and for dinner at Chili’s, which wasn’t too bad, for a chain. The kids were great in the car, although the last couple of hours were quite interminable. They did watch a movie on the Pocket PC (heretofore known affectionately as Trevor’s Unit), which saved us countless questions. It finished almost as we pulled in to the parking lot, timing was good.

Anyway, Trevor is anxious to get his paws back on his unit, so i’ll publish and put him out of his misery. We are going for free breakfast in the hotel in the morning and then to the Mall. I’ll check in tomorrow if T lets me.

Sorry for the typos, this thing is a pain in the butt to type on.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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