Hmmmm….. apparently people other than my family and close friends (those who are required by the ties that bind) read my blog. I have been solicited by someone wanting a favour from “Conservative political blogs”. They describe themselves as supporters of Individual Rights… and they want me to link to the blog of a woman who “despises the ACLU”. Didn’t know I was either Conservative or political. Although I refuse to offer my opinion on the ACLU, and those who despise it, I would prefer if my political leanings were a little less obvious than that. I guess I’ll just need to slip off my soapbox and head up to read a trashy novel and defy the stereotype. What else could I do to confuse people about my political leanings? I could buy a hybrid car, a really big one with a huge stereo that interferes with pacemakers in the people in cars near it at red lights. I could go around topless in the summer(… ok maybe not, they’re much nicer molded into the perfect shape by structural steel). I could wear gray business suits with hairy legs and Birkenstocks and smoke dope right after church on Sunday, at which I could teach Sunday school (if I could remember anything to teach). I could put all the signs on the lawn at election time and then write “None of the Above” on my ballot (sounds like a good idea, actually). I could advocate for universal birth control chemicals to be added to the water supply and a parenting exam before prospective parents were given the antidote, or tax relief for people willing to support five or more cats. I could read the financial pages like I care (oh, was that an opinion?). Better yet, I could play the stock market and pick wine based on something other that how pretty the label is.

No, I think I prefer the apolitical, boring stories of my kids. It’s safer than having committed to a platform and risking the wrath of my fans and constituents if I should change my mind. I don’t want to be forced by peer pressure to subscribe to a political principle if I think the person who supports it is an asshole. I reserve the right to be inconsistent. I’m guessing the True supporters of Individual Rights would have to agree with that.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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One Response to Exposure

  1. BigTex says:

    I knew all along you were a closet conservative! I bet you have a picture of good old Ronnie hidden away somewhere, don’t you?

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