This conversation happened in the car today:

Jack: Mommy guess where Bruce from school used to live?

Me: Where?

J: Right beside a graveyard!

Me: Cool, how spooky!

J: He even had a window so he could see it.

Aimee: Could we go to a graveyard sometime?

Me: Sure. We should try to find one where we know someone in it so we can look for their gravestone.

J: Like Great-Gramma Betty?

Me: Yes, well, she’s not buried yet. That’s going to happen in August.

J: When is she going to be cooked?

Me (trying not to laugh): Well, she’s already cooked. She was cooked before her funeral.

J: Why didn’t we get to watch?

Me: Well, it’s pretty sad when someone dies and their body is cremated. Usually families don’t watch.

J: But on Star Wars the guy with the stripes watched the other one get burned when he died.

Me: Yes, well, that was a movie. Things happen differently in the movies.

The conversation petered out. He has such a fresh perspective on life, doesn’t he?


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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