The tooth finally came out!! She says she’s even going to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy better dig up a loonie and NOT FORGET.

Poor kid, though, it’s painfully obvious that she will need braces. All her new teeth (all three of them) are crooked and crowded. She had a little friend over to play today. They are getting so grown up all of a sudden. At one point I heard the friend say”Oh. My. God.” Just like a teenager. Trevor overheard Aimee saying “Geez, Louise, I can’t get these things apart!”. Where do they get this stuff? For our own entertainment, we’ve asked her several times if she wants to talk about babies. She is a master at ignoring us. I like Sio’s suggestion of telling Jack about it and paying him to tell her. It might work. Better Jack than the little friend. Oh. My. God.

Further to my health, my back is better since the massage. I’m trying to be conscious of posture and ergonomics and stuff, but it just isn’t top of my mind, so it frequently gets forgotten. Things are much better, though. I’ll go back to him.In fact,. I’d recommend him to anyone with musculo-skeletal problems. He has a good handle on anatomy and physiology, and the therapy isn’t rough or violent like chiropractic. It was just pleasant and relaxing and I felt better right away. Not creepy like massage parlour or anything. Definitely worth it, even if insurance didn’t cover.

Our big problem these days is those little fruit flies. They are everywhere. Yesterday there were a good dozen in the bathroom of all places. We squished most but I just can’t figure where they are coming from. We are going to try the fruit fly traps from Lee Valley. They especially like red wine. Crappy. Other suggestions are welcome. I suppose we should be thanking Someone if our biggest problem is fruit flies.

We are going to watch a movie now. Sahara. Cheesy Clive Cussler adventure. I’m surprised it took this long for someonw to make a Clive cussler novel into a movie… the books were like scripts. It was painfully obvious that he wrote them for the screen. Anyway, I will review later if anyone wants.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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