Jostens Canada

To whom it may concern:

We were extremely disappointed with the quality of our children’s’ school portraits this year. One child was not even centered in the photo and the other had a silly look on her face. Our disappointment is compounded by a number of factors related directly to your corporate policies and practices.

Your current practice is to charge families up front for their pictures, with no chance to preview or choose a pose and no chance for retakes unless there is some “quality defect” present. This puts us out nearly $100 (minimal compared to other families’ investments, I am certain) until you are able to provide us with a refund. In effect, we are lending you our money, on the chance that your work will be of sufficient quality for us to keep and display, which it obviously was not. Should this practice continue, we will be reticent to order portraits next year. This is a major disappointment; as I am sure you are aware, the annual school portrait is a tradition in many families, and treasured by most. Unfortunately, this year, we will be using another company to provide us with this service, because, despite the convenience of your product, the quality has proved to be abysmal.

Furthermore, we are now required to pay the postage to have the pictures returned to you. In this stead, I am requesting that you add the cost of the postage to your refund, as the problem is entirely yours, and should not be borne by your customers.

I look forward to your prompt attention to the matter of our refund and respectfully request that this letter be forwarded to your customer service managers so that these concerns regarding your corporate policies can be registered appropriately.

Sincerely disillusioned,
[Name withheld to protect the irritated]


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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