I have been so uninspired lately for writing but my friend just pointed out that a true writer never needs to be inspired to write – they just write. So I will tell you about the bus today.

My Monday started out pretty shaky. I forgot my Palm Pilot and my lab coat, after reminding myself out loud to remember them. Then, on the way to work, I missed my bus by seconds. I was literally steps from the bus stop and the driver didn’t see me and he just kept on going. So I whined, and pulled out my book and started reading, and suddenly, there was another bus. Then, all of a sudden, I was downtown, and it took about 15 minutes (it usually takes 30). I figured out that I managed to get on a new Super Express bus that only stops at half the stops. It was pretty quick. Very exciting. It only started running today.

Then on the way home, the same thing happened. I got off one bus, ran for the next one, the usual one, and it took off without me. So I pulled out my book and got on the Super Express when it arrived. I was home maybe a little quicker than usual, but it was just kind of nice to not stop at every single block. Fewer people on it, too. Less crowded, less chance of having to actually talk to someone.

I hope I get the Super Express tomorrow.

Isn’t it sad that the highlight of my day was an exctitng new bus route? Oh, wait, maybe not – a doctor did take me out for lunch today. Good Vietnamese food. Yummy.

Ok, there is my token piece of writing tonight. I promise to redouble my efforts to write more often. I warn you, though… it may be as lame as this. You asked for it.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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2 Responses to Uninspired

  1. Ellen says:

    even sadder than the super express bus being the most exciting part of your day, merely reading about it was the most exciting thing about mine. Make sure you let me know if you get to ride the Santa bus sometime. ha ha seriously though, keep writing; it’s a fun diversion for me.Ellen

  2. timothy uk says:

    It’s quite possible that all of life’s little disasters are designed to lead us to a better path. Of course that would mean mine would probably be paved with gold by now. 🙂 Grampa D

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