Well, another Christmas has come and gone and it was a mitigated success. The kids were great. They were the perfect age. Still fully immersed in the magic, they were up at four am opening their stockings. Trevor strongly encouraged them to turn the light off and go back to sleep, but apparently Jack never did. Despite that he was civilized and pleasant, if excited, until almost ten pm. They were utterly delighted with the snowboards Santa brought, and the weather was wonderful. Jack was out by eight am trying his out on the little snowbank in the back yard. By the time we headed over to my parents’ at 10, Aimee was able to ride the whole hill without wiping out and Jack’s balance was improving by leaps and bounds with each run down the hill.

We were all reasonably restrained in gift giving – no one went overboard, it was not an obscene orgy of gifts, and no obnoxious brand-name junk to break instantly. The kids were suitably appreciative, they have rarely complained about being bored since the frenzy ended, despite nary a Bratz doll to be found. We all seemed to like what we were given and everyone agreed that it was a really nice day.

The factor precipitating my hesitation on posting a picture-perfect account of our Christmas was that Trevor’s 88-year-old grandmother fell in church on Christmas Eve and fractured her pelvis. She spent the night in Emergency and is now a guest on the rehab ward. Imagine what her agnostic grandsons had to say about God allowing a pious, life-long Catholic to fall in church. Imagine what her RN grand-daughter-in-law had to say about her 6 hour wait in Emergency before she even saw a doctor who could order an xray, which everyone involved knew needed to be done first and foremost, and even though a nurse was able to secure a painkiller order (she can get narcotics without being seen by a doc, you’d think an xray would have fewer potential complications and could be ordered either by a nurse, or on a verbal order)… but I digress.

Anyway, we shifted Christmas dinner to our house at the last minute so Trevor’s parents could be at the hospital most of the day, and it all went without a hitch. Plenty of food and drink, a toast to the absent Mere, and a good time was actually had by all. It was really nice for the kids not to be shuffled home to bed in the middle of the fun, so I’m thinking I might want to do it next year, too. Of course, I’m also thinking of running another marathon, too so we’ll see if I come to my senses on either count.

Merry Christmas!!


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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