Here are things I wonder:

How many times have I passed through my front door? Is it an even number or an odd number?
How many hairs do I have on my head?
How many times have I sneezed?
How many people are, at this very moment, in the world, sitting on the toilet?
How many hours have I slept in my life?
How many miles have I run?
How many calories have I ingested?
How many litres of water have I consumed? How many boxes of Kraft Dinner?
How long will I live?
What will my son choose as a career?
What will my daughter’s first date be? And with whom?
Will I ever again own my own car?
Will I ever be famous for anything? Or even slightly renowned? (I’d settle for “respected in my field”, whatever that is)
How many people in this world have cancer and don’t know it?
How many people will not live to see the end of this year?
How many people know with certainty that they will not live to see the end of the year? How did they celebrate Christmas?
How clean are my arteries?
Have I utterly ruined my kids’ lives by putting them in time out for their various infractions instead of spanking them?
What will Aimee’s orthodontics cost?
Does acupuncture really work?
Where would we be without music?
Will my house ever be decorated exactly as I want it or will it always be a work in progress?
Does the Magic 8 Ball tell the truth?
Does gum really stay in your gut for 7 years if you swallow it?
Why is “shit” a bad word?
Why is it rude to fart in public?
Is prison really that bad?
Have I ever, directly or indirectly, done anything that resulted in the death of some person?
Exactly how many bracelets has the Lance Armstrong foundation sold?
Do I have what it takes to complete a triathlon? To learn to skate?
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Exactly when is it too late for a career change?
What do people with boring jobs think about at work?
What do other people wonder?
…among other things.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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