It was a monumental week in our house. First, it was report card time for both kids, and they both did very well. Then, we had Parent-Student-Teacher conferences (the kids aren’t excluded anymore, for better or for worse), at which we received glowing reports on both kids (and way too much information on the “problem children” in Jack’s class – but that’s a different story). Then, Aimee did a science fair project, which was optional for Grade 2 students. She made an igloo out of sugar cubes, and it turned out very well. She was awarded a Silver Ribbon, which she has not taken off since. Sadly, when I asked why she didn’t leave it on her project, she said it was because other people would steal it if they didn’t get a ribbon. How crappy is that? At 7 years old, she knows she needs to protect her stuff from jealous hoodlums with no impulse control. Anyway, it was an impressive project, and she was justifiably proud of herself. Jack, in a demostrable credit to his increasing maturity, coped very well with all the attention that Aimee was getting over the project. Finally, the capper, Jack lost his first tooth on Sunday March 19, 2006. He was beside himself with excitement, positively shaking when he showed us. To date, the tooth is in a ziploc bag awaiting a date with the Tooth Fairy – he wanted to take it to school to show his buddies. Another dose of sad reality – when I asked if all his friends were suitably impressed with his tooth, he scoffed. “No, mom. Lots of kids have lost tooths. Damon has already lost seven”. If it wasn’t for the detailed conversation with his teacher earlier in the week, I would assume that Damon was the kid who was suspended (from Kindergarten!) for hitting another kid in the face with a pair of scissors, and throwing chairs around the classroom. It wasn’t Damon, but as a matter of interest, the violent kid is about a head taller than all the other kids, looks remarkably like Nelson from The Simpsons, and has a mom who looks like a Barbie doll. But I’m not judging or anything.

Anyway, my family has been busy, in a good way. Too busy to write, obviously.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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