Ok, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote. Lots has happened. We had a vacation, we went to Edmonton and had a great time in the West Edmonton Mall for four days. We never once stepped outside. Who knew water slides could be so much fun? I was surprised. Also around then, I was accepted to graduate school, so I’ll be starting that in the fall, since I have so little to do with my time. And, of course, the update would not be complete without mentioning that Trevor finished his coursework towards his degree, with excellent grades, and major relief. There has been much rejoicing in our house.

My battle with the school board culminated in a week of phone-tag with an assistant superintendant, and a decidedly anti-climactic conversation during which she attempted to mollify me with politically correct platitudes and non-answers, and I kept her after work by telling her every little thing that the teacher has done or not done to ruin my son’s year. I took perverse pleasure in it, and in spite of the conversation, I still worry he is at a disadvantage for grade one because of this year. All we can do is pick up the slack ourselves, I guess.

This weekend, Aimee was invited to audition for a more advanced gymnastics class, which was cool. She’ll go on Thursday to try out and so we can hear how many hundreds of dollars it costs and how many hours a week she’ll have to commit, if she makes it. I think it may be time for another car, if Jack ends up in hockey and she is in gymnastics… could be a busy winter.

Aimee has also been lobbying hard for a hamster, which it looks like we will be getting this week. The school has a litter which need homes, and she has spent her brithday money on a hooley-dooley cage (she studied flyers and did some comparison shopping and everything). She spent her own money on wood chips and hamster food, and she has been thinking up names. I am trying to steer her away from names like “Fluffy” and “Snowball”, but she’s not going for my suggestions so far (“Elvis”, “Gretzky”, “Seigfried”, “Rothbart” – we went to the ballet this weekend and saw Swan Lake). I’ll keep you posted. My main hope is that it does not get eaten by the cat in less than a week.

Also exciting, we ran a race yesterday. Trevor ran a half marathon in excellent time, and I ran the relay, which was half the distance, and during which I ran one of my miles in 8:05, which is a personal best. My partner and I were called Faster Than Trevor (which we were not, by one second, but we’re okay with that) and we came in second among the female relay teams (out of 45 or something). We all totally rock.

I told you we have been busy.

Okay, now to the truth of why it has been so long since I posted. I have been working on a masterpiece of fiction. Of course, it did not turn out to be a masterpiece, but more like a short, trashy harlequin-type romance, but I actually think I finished it. It’s no Booker Prize competitor, but the point is that it has a beginning, middle and end, and it is arguably complete(almost). It also has potential for expansion and editing, and there are things brewing in my little brain that I might some day do to it. I have been having a lot of fun writing, and since it is probably unpublishable, I thought I would put it in a blog for all my loyal fans and readers. I call it Life After, for lack of a better title, and I will make it available for you here. Click it, bookmark it. Enjoy. To be continued. Comments welcome.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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