So I thought Iwould let you know how the rest of the anniversary went.

Trevor (eventually) chose the Xbox, after many hours of dithering, and telling me he chose the barbecue. I was disappointed because it was the Xbox I had actually bought, but peer pressure eventually forced him to admit that it was truly what he wanted. It is now networked and does stuff. Apparently all it’s missing is a 37″ LCD screen to watch the stuff on.

Our evening was wonderful. The limo ride was fun. I kept watching the people through the one-way glass and could tell they were wondering who was in the huge silver stretch Cadillac. We took the kids some clothes (they were at Gramma’s for a sleepover) and they got a ride around the block, which was pretty impressive to them.

Dinner was quite spectacular. We sat in an outside-but-enclosed area and listened to a big band play live music down below. The food and service were outstanding and we drank quite a lot, not having to drive. The weather was perfect, and I had the next day off work, so I didn’t care about the time.

All in all it was a most memorable anniversary. So I guess it’s time to start working on the next ten years.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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One Response to Conclusion

  1. d says:

    Congrats! I expect to be reading these anniversary stories for another 60 years. Wait! Make that 30… I’ll have left the building 🙂

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