I was home with Jack today, who, with much writhing and wailing this morning, convinced me that not only should he stay home from school, but yes, a trip to Emergency was in order. To make a long story probably longer, he puked in the car on the way in (poor Papa, his Cadillac has probably never seen recycled orange juice before) and was pretty much fine, long before the cute resident said he was.

Anyway, after a some gravol and a nap, he was a new kid, and was lounging on the couch as I worked at the kitchen table. The phone rang. It was the manager of his hockey team, letting us know that practice was cancelled tonight (good – he wouldn’t have gone anyway) for weather. Jack and I had this conversation:

J: Why was practice cancelled? Is it too cold or too windy?
Me: It is too windy, therefore it is too cold.
J (after a few beats): I realy hope someone gives me a dictionary, so I can figure out what you just said.

I almost peed my pants. He said afterwards it might have come from SpongeBob, but I still think it’s funny.

The other interesting thing that happened today (I should really check my horoscope) is that we got Skype. Although it sounds like a racial epithet, it is a little cool and it is solving big problems in our house.

Last night, after sick Jack had had just a little too much attention, Aimee had a meltdown, complaining that she didn’t like her bedroom anymore because it is downstairs, and everyone else is upstairs (this despite the fact that the dogs will only sleep on her bed – to the exclusion, sometimes, of her own little body). Anyway, we brainstormed a bit about what we could do and nothing was acceptable, so we let her wail for a bit. As usual, she eventually calmed herself down and came out, with a brilliantly creative idea for helping her feel less lonely in her basement room. She said she wanted a baby monitor. Good idea, I said. Of course when we pitched it to Trevor, he had better ideas – and tonight he came home with two Skype headsets and set up Internet Phone on all the computers in the house. She Skyped (a word which sounds like something rowdy teenagers might get arrested for) him from her room to ask him to come and tuck her in at bedtime – with no meltdown. It is very cute.

Can’t wait to tell her the computer needs to come out of her room before the predators find her – now that she knows how to use it…


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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