Today I learned there are no practical, simple, attractive ways to hang bookshelves from drywall, unless you build something yourself, and even then there are no guarantees (that it will be either simple or attractive).

I also learned that a #8 screw will split 5/8″ MDF if you don’t drill a deep enough pilot hole.

I would have just hung the shelves from metal straps with brackets but Trevor thought it would be too ugly. And unless you are willing to construct and paint/stain/varnish some architectural masterpiece, floating shelves won’t hold anything heavier than a vase. So we (Trevor) constructed. I will post pictures when they are mounted. And when they crash down, along with 1000 lbs of books onto my laptop, wherein is stored my thesis.


It was the kids’ first day of school today – both were so excited that it was a major challenge to get a picture without Jack looking like a dork. He insisted on wearing a tie to school – over a shirt 3 sizes too big with tiny skulls on it, but a tie nonetheless. I will also post a picture of that.

I’m off to nurse my aching muscles – workout #2 with the personal trainer yesterday has left me unable to climb or descend stairs without groaning and clutching the bannister like an invalid.

Think wine would help? I’m about to try it – maybe that will be tomorrow’s lesson.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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