I thought it appropriate to write a post about the things that make me feel thankful, but the act of writing most of those things down for eternity makes my superstitious side itchy. So, suffice it to say that I am grateful for many things, not the least of which is that my Gramma turned 90 this week and is the 90 year old I most want to emulate. Happy birthday, Gram, and I’m sorry this wasn’t on your actual birthday.

So back to what I’ve learned lately.

I’ve learned at work this week that the process for making chemo safely is much more complicated than I thought.

I learned that the president of the United States is George Clooney (according to my son, who earnestly insists it is true… who am I to argue?)

I learned that store brand turkey tastes no different to me than free-range-fresh-butcher-bought-turkey.

I learned the Jonas Brothers might be coming to town this winter (OMG-I-CAN’T-WAIT-THEY-ARE-SO-COOL-I-LOVE-THEM… oh, sorry, lapsed into tweeny-bopper for a sec).

I learned that people generally are not listening when I talk so there is little point in saying anything I want them to notice or remember. It’s pretty fascinating, really, how little attention people pay when they are focused on their own agendas, most of which I care nothing about. I might actually write an entire post about how people, my work colleagues, friends and family members included (and no, you don’t know who you are because you are clueless) do not hear what I have to say. So, I am planning a scientific experiment involving telling nothing about my personal life unless you ask, knowing you will not hear it anyway. And just so you know? I don’t ask how you are unless I actually care about the answer. So if I don’t ask, I don’t care. And my entire point is that this blog is for my own therapeutic benefit and yay if it also happens to entertain someone else for a bit.

Ok, I had a bad week, and some certain hormones may be getting the best of me so it’s probably time to post and go watch a pirated version of Boston Legal (the justification for which I will explain in another post soon).


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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