Ok, I have learned many things in the last week and it is only now that I have had time to write some of them down. Here goes.

  • I can curl 12 pounds!
  • I can limit myself to one Halloween chocolate bar.
  • I need to admit that I can’t go anywhere career-wise without finding a way to work with the political forces. In other words, I must embrace the grift if I want to make a difference in the world.
  • I automatically refute everything said by people I don’t like, either silently or out loud. Sometimes I get in trouble for it. I need to look at things from a more positive perspective so I can stop irritating people with my know-it-all-ness
  • I learned about plain English yesterday. Apparently you can communicate with fewer words than I usually choose. I am now, however, referred to as the “word nerd” and the “grammar geek” by some (one) of my work colleagues. I figure he’s just jealous of my big… vocabulary.
  • I learned that not everyone shares my disdain for certain inappropriately “verb-ized” words, like “source” and “impact”. These are words that should never be used as verbs, as in “Please source me some weed,” or “How will that impact you?” I will never waver from this stance. They are wrong and I am right, no matter what the Oxford English Dictionary, that paragon of the English language, says. Never.
  • Wow, I just learned I could really use a pedicure.
  • I learned the definition of medical negligence
  • I learned some other stuff about accountability and justice and system thinking that I shall not explicate here for fear of being spoken to sharply.
  • I learned that we are not allowed to chew gum outside of our immediate office. Although I am pleased that the prohibition limits the amout of chewing that everyone is subjected to (there is almost nothing more disgusting than hearing someone chew), I’m disappointed that it was not assumed that I am a grown-up who can self-police in this regard.
  • I learned that it is possible to get up and out of bed at 5:30 am without coffee (only by absolute necessity, I assure you). I am just now learning the cost of that supreme effort of will.

Ok, that’s enough for now, before I get myself in trouble. I need to go do homework.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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