I learned tonight that my child can sing. She is a member of the Children’s Choir and they had their first concert tonight. It was wonderful. It was beyond words entertaining, in a way I am not ususally entertained by the kids’ activities. I can’t wait for their Christmas concert.

This week I have learned a lot of things about work and bullying and “walking the talk” (what a stupid expression), most of which were causing me to consider quitting and moving my family to some idyllic tropical South American beach where I could sip homemade rum cocktails and home school my kids… for the time being though I will have to call it Character Building and Learning Patience because I just paid $2600 in car insurance and I need my job. But I certainly don’t love it right now.

Instead, I will carry on one day at a time and attribute my 24-hour-old headache to the change in weather (yes, winter is here… in full colour) and not the giant knot in the middle of my back. The one that causes chest pain and numb fingers.

I feel unwell. I need a long weekend desperately. It may take a monumental effort of will to make it to the end of this degree without a nervous breakdown. But at least then I might be able to get some sleep…

I’m whining off to bed. Hopefully I’ll hear that beautiful choir music in my head as I fall asleep.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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