Ok, I admit it, it’s my fault. I am sorry.

I put away the winter hats and other gear. So the blizzard is my fault. And the cold snap, too, which apparently might save some parts of Fargo from being flooded, so maybe karma is a little more forgiving than, say, my friends and family.

Another thing I am sorry for is the giant black stain on the floor of the office next to mine. The stupid f*&@$%g printer that we use decided it was out of toner 5 minutes before I needed 30 copies for a meeting I was chairing. It was not out of toner, and we don’t have any more anyway. So, like any self-respecting administrator with budget constraints, I took the toner cartridge out to shake it. That gave me exactly three copies. So I took it out to shake it again, and this time, the little plug on the end flew off, and bathed the entire office in fine, black dust. Thankfully I was alone, because I’m sure it would have been absolutely indelible if it came in contact with anyone watching, who would surely laugh so hard as to render themselves incontinent.

I called my admin assistant, who works clear across the hospital, to tell her what happened. Between coughing up black snot and wiping away sooty tears of laughter, I’m sure she thought I was insane. She said she would call housekeeping. I said thank you and backed quietly out the door, tracking black footprints all the way home.

So other than the exploding toner cartridge, we had a busy, but pleasant week. I have lots of interesting projects on the go, so work is busy. Jack’s hockey team wound up the season with a heartbreaking loss, but a good solid game. Aimee’s choir sang with the Symphony yesterday, in a wonderful concert about The Elements. I had no idea they were so good.

And of course, there was the blizzard, which was, as previously confessed, my fault. I must admit I secretly like blizzards and rain storms, even with all the power disruptions. It’s a lot easier to enjoy adverse weather when your commute is 15 minutes by foot and you can pointedly ignore the traffic reports. Again, sorry.

At least we live on high ground – and I don’t just mean the moral kind – and are relatively dry at the moment. Not sure how or where I’ll run this week’s nine miles though.

Well we’ll see whether karma will pay me back tomorrow – the alarm is set so we can try for front row Jonas Brothers tickets – can’t wait!!


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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