One of the radio stations I sometimes listen to is having a contest right now, called “Best Day Ever”. You write in, telling them what your best day ever would be, and then if they call your name on the air, and you call them back, you win whatever it is you wished for. People have asked for (and received) iPods, eBook readers, concert tickets.

So I was thinking, what would I wish for, if I was going to write in?

And I can’t really think of a thing.

Either the stuff I want is beyond the scope of a little radio contest, or I am a fairly content person.

I prefer to think it’s the latter.

I have a warm, dry house in a safe neighbourhood, a reliable car, and more clothes than will fit in my closet. I am employed in an interesting profession, I am well-educated, and I have lots of earning potential. I have disposable income, so if there are things I want, I can go and get them without too much fuss and bother. I have plenty of toys.

Tonight, I wished for cookies, and in half an hour, there were freshly baked cookies on the counter. Even my family left me nothing to be desired today.

The things I want sound trite and hackneyed. I want the radiation to stop leaking out of that reactor in Japan. I want my niece to be born healthy and grow up happy. I want the UN to stop referring euphemistically to the people they bomb in Libya as “targets” or “resources”. I want people who idle their obnoxious SUVs to find ways other than raping non-renewable resources to improve their self esteem. I want an honest politician to lead the country. I want the Leafs to make the playoffs. None of these things is going to happen, even if the radio station does call my name.

Ok, I will admit, of things in the “material/frivolous” category, I have really been coveting a hot winter holiday. I wonder if the radio station would give me that?

I talk about wanting a bigger house, or another tv, but there is certainly nothing I need. Nothing I require to elevate a miserable existence to a tolerable one. There are people who would kill (who probably did kill, today, somewhere in the world) for a chance to be in my position. I guess I’m in pretty good shape. Every day is the Best Day Ever. Not too many can say that.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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