What a perfect summer we have had!

The weather has been hot and dry, just like I remember summers used to be. We had endless sunshine, almost no mosquitoes, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy it all.

Labour Day weekend always feels like the Last Hurrah to me. It feels like time to put away the shorts and tank tops and get out the jeans and sweaters.The weather changes almost overnight and everyone starts gearing up for school and the ridiculous number of activities we allow them to join. I always feel like I need to get everything cleaned and organized by this weekend, so we can at least start the chaos in a state of relative order.

There have been many highlights this year. If I was a real blogger, I’d have photographic documentation of everything. Because I rarely remember to break out the camera (even though it’s usually in my purse), you will have to take my word for it. But, among other things (like work), since the beginning of June I have seen Dauphin, Chicago, New York City, and Fargo. I have been to the beach (twice). I have run many beautiful miles and biked to work (once). beer on the patio, wings with friends, a bonfire or two, and a beanbag championship… I think the only things I missed from my list were a Goldeyes game (no excuse but procrastination, although we did see the Yankees so that counts) and a Bomber game (procrastination again, and now it’s too late – they’re all sold out now I think)

Outside of New York, though, today might have been the biggest adventure of the summer. We took a vintage train, the Prairie Dog Central, to Grosse Isle MB and back. I’ve never done this before and it was totally worth the time and money. It was a perfect, cloudless prairie day, not too hot, not too cool. They had a nifty little band playing at the stop, with people selling hot dogs and ice cream, and a restored period farmhouse to tour through. We took a picnic and enjoyed the sunshine for a while.

This weekend I also managed to clean my bedroom and all the windows in the house (inside and out), conquer the laundry, make a huge batch of homemade granola, babysit both nieces (at different times) and write a newspaper article, so it feels like a very productive end to the relaxing and relatively activity-free summer.

Of course, in the next 2 weeks, we start school, choir, musical theatre, soccer playoffs and piano lessons (with guitar and hockey to follow soon), but for one last night I am going to enjoy the moment in my orderly house and not think very hard about what’s to come.

Happy Labour Day, everyone!


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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