There are seven minutes until the polls close and I park myself in front of the TV to see whether I am likely to have a job for the foreseeable future, so this might just be the quickest post-a-day post of the month (ok probably not, but I did think about it all day, so even if it seems lame and like a big fat cop-out, it counts anyway).

So rather than write a big polemic about democracy and how if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain, I want to ask you all this. Which is worse: to cast a random and unconsidered vote, just for the sake of exercising your right to democracy (or because your spouse made you), or not to vote at all?

I thought about this quite a lot today. What if an election were to come down to one vote, and there was a voter who just closed their eyes, dropped the pencil, and marked the X wherever it landed. It may as well have been that vote that decided the election. For those of you who have studied the democratic process, plausibility aside, what does that mean for the legitimacy of the win?

I suppose in our system, it probably means nothing, because all of our parties are pretty much the same thing. We keep hearing about how we should “vote for change”, which to me means we need to oust the dictator and get us some democracy. But since by a quirk of fate or luck or genetics or geography we don’t live in any number of Middle Eastern or Developing countries, true change is not all that likely around here. We may see varying shades of beige, but nothing much more dramatic than that.

Anyway, I’m putting it to you, dear readers. Comment away. I’m going to pour a glass of something and enjoy watching the CBC try and make a monochromatic colour palette seem exciting and dramatic.

PS I’m a tad disappointed no one took issue with my little soapbox from last night. Guess I’ll have to be more provocative in the future.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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One Response to Election

  1. Sio says:

    Dang! I forgot FB wasn’t letting you (us) link to blogs properly! I had a lot of reading to catch up on!

    Voting: You know my views. They haven’t changed. I don’t vote. Don’t give a rats ass. And I don’t complain unless pressed to defend myself on not voting.

    Allowing kids to express themselves: Red mittens in July, Tutus over snow pants, gold glitter on little boys and bulldozers for little girls – done it all! My views most definitely have expanded and opened as I’ve grow older though. That’s the benefit of wisdom with age and having looked after so many kids. One 6 year old I looked after suffered a bit from her “weird” choices. She came down wearing something rather…different…one morning and I gently persuaded her not to by blaming the weather, but she insisted. Off she went and sure enough at 3 pm she told me in utter dismay that she had been made fun of at school. We had the “you just be you” talk, but yes, it was hard to be on the outside of that one.

    And funny you should write about medicated kids. I looked after an “ADHD” child the other night. His diet consisted of packaged food and sugar. And in the 4 hours I was with him, I saw nothing more than a 6 year old boy. Sure, it was only 4 hours and I am not his teacher all day long, but I believe a change in diet would have solved any “ADHD” in a week. Sad but that’s our over medicated world.

    Off to bed. I think I have a migraine.


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