Well I have failed the Post-a-Day challenge (made it to Day 6), but in doing so I have learned something about myself and my current stage of life, which is this. Even though the children are fairly independent and don’t need to be followed constantly to ensure they don’t fall down the stairs or stick forks in electrical outlets like they used to, they and their activities mean I can simply not write as often as I would like to. Oh, sure, I could quit a job and use the resulting time to write, but until it pays for hockey, piano, and gas to drive them around, writing needs to come a little lower down on the priority list. Even though I am constantly thinking of what to write and how to write it, the actual fingers-to-keyboard time is not huge. I fantasize about going away all by myself for a weekend where I don’t talk to anyone or listen to anyone fight or argue or ask for stuff, and just look at nice scenery and write. Maybe someday.

So for my Thanksgiving post, I have been thinking, of course, about what I am thankful for. Right this minute, I am thankful that someone stormed off to their room and slammed the door because now there is no one screaming at anyone else in my house. I am also thankful that they will all get over it eventually (probably about the time one of them needs something from the other). My children are nothing if not resourceful and resilient.

I am also grateful for my parents, who today are celebrating their wedding anniversary (at least I think they are celebrating, they seem to still get along ok) and, more importantly,  the anniversary of my conception.

I am thankful for other members of my family as well, from whom I gain, at various times, interesting and useful stories and bits of wisdom (Gramma), baby kisses and chubby legs to squeeze (my neices), an appreciative outlet for slightly off-colour humour (M n M), and endless entertainment for the children (the in-laws and their distant backup, the TV).

Of course, I appreciate my husband, probably most of all, for his unerring anticipation of and my every need, his sense of humour, and his dent-removing hammering skills.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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