My month of obsessive writing has caught up with me. I have the NaNoWriMo hangover. I’m completely fried. I’m dying for a holiday, maybe literally . At the risk of ridicule, let me give you an example of the current state of my brain: today, I got all the way downtown to my office and realized I had forgotten my entire computer (and no, I am asking for neither sympathy nor advice, so please keep the “helpful” comments to yourself). I am all but useless at both of my jobs and all I do in the evenings is watch Jets games and CSI. Well, that and chauffeur kids places and attend their events, which have actually proven to be surprisingly worth the time.

Anyway, the fact that I have brought this on myself (and that it is not really related to anything remotely life-threatening) means I’m not really entitled to whine about it, but I do feel an obligation to explain to you, my main motivation, why I have not written anything to speak of in too many days. The fact is that I have ideas for stories, but no motivation to write them. And if I forced myself, the stories would suck, and I would start to hate writing, which is not great for the hobby-slash-retirement-plan.

So I hope that when I do start back up again, the tales will just spill eloquently out of me, without need for editing or revision. But in the meantime, the fact that I’m not writing is causing more stress, so I have made the conscious decision to let it go, and not worry about it for now.

I love writing and will come back to it soon. I have 3 weeks of holidays over Christmas, and plan to spend at least some of it creating wonderful works of distraction for you. But right now, I need to spend time helping kids with homework, decorating my house for Christmas, wrapping presents, and watching TV with Trevor. The stories will come, just not right now.

Funny, this is sounding too much like how occasional exercisers sound right around <insert distracting event like weekends and February here>. “Oh, I know I need to do it, I really have to get back into it. I will as soon as <insert distracting event like weekends and February here> is over”. I always thought they were kind of whiny and should just suck it up, or shut up. Now that I’ve joined their ranks, I suddenly have more sympathy.

And now, to distract you from the utter lameness of this post, I present you with a cute picture of our latest foster kitten, who needed 2 weeks in foster, but is now on his sixth week of antibiotics, and getting better every day. Presenting, Perry (as in “Oh, there you are, Perry!”). He should be making his debut at the Humane Society right in time to become the most adorable little furry Christmas present for some lucky person.

Another reason I find it difficult to write... he keeps typing strange things with his butt, although they might be better than my efforts, these days.


About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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