Sent this  just now to my City Councillor (don’t even get me started on the Museum for Human Rights). We’ll see how he votes tomorrow. He’s on record for supporting it.

Dear Mr. Fielding:

As a constituent and voter, I urge you to reject the water park proposal.

Its many flaws include:

  • Funding: A water park is entertainment, pure and simple. I strongly oppose the use of tax money for an entertainment complex. If a private business feels it can make a profit by building and running a water park, let it try. If the City of Winnipeg has excess cash lying around that it would like to invest, I would suggest properly repairing the many roads on which I can no longer drive for fear my car will be swallowed by an imminent sinkhole. Or perhaps you could provide more support to the community clubs in town so citizens of all ages would benefit (not just the under-8 crowd). Some investment in more easily-accessible health promoting programs and equipment might even improve health and fitness levels of our citizens.
  • Size: This proposal is no West Edmonton Mall. It’s barely a CanadInns Grand Forks. It will have very limited appeal to anyone over the age of about 8. If you want to do it well, do it big. Which leads me to…
  • Location: The Forks is already overcrowded. This will exacerbate the parking problems. Worse, the proximity to the Human Rights Museum makes a water park tacky at best, disrespectful at worst. Besides, a water park does not belong on the site of an ancient meeting place. The Forks has a long and sacred history. Any more commercial development will do little but Disney-fy what used to be a beautiful and interesting place to gather. A water park will diminish the site’s dignity. You might as well squeeze a Walmart in there too, for all the cultural benefit it will bring.

Please, Mr. Fielding, I urge you to listen to your voters. Do not allow this proposal to proceed. It is wrong on so many levels.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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