The kids and I just returned from a trip around western Manitoba with the choir, and I wanted to document it for posterity. While Trevor got the house to himself (and all the pets, on his birthday no less), I had the privilege of being along to hear some stunningly wonderful music.

My children, along with the 56 other kids on the trip, behaved in an exemplary fashion. There was little drama, which is a surprise, considering that drama is generally the goal of this artistic crowd. There were no major injuries, and very few minor ones. No one got sick, no one got lost, and no one got arrested. I grumbled about giving up 2 days of work and 2 nights in my own bed for it, but  it was actually worth it.

They sang 6 concerts, including an impromptu one at a decommissioned Ukrainian cathedral and brought tears to my eyes with every single song. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up just remembering it.

I don’t know if you can even come close to understanding the depth of talent these kids and their director have by watching a 2 minute video clip, but if anyone would like to hear them live, the last concert of the year is coming up in a week or two.

Here is a clip of them singing yesterday at the church. Neither the video nor the audio does justice to the joyful noise they made in that space, but I have never heard anything like it before. It might have actually stirred my soul.

(The clip might require some kind of permission – I made it private because I don’t have permission from any of these kids’ parents to put their images out there on the interwebs, so let me know if you get a weird message and I’ll figure out what to do).



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