My sorry absence can be explained, if not excused.

Since I last wrote, I have bought a house, sold a house, been on a road trip, sent my boy off to camp, renovated a house, applied, interviewed for, was offered and accepted a new job, moved, unpacked, cleaned a vacant house, and settled in to the new house somewhat. Oh, and attended the First Annual Red Dress Party.

The first annual Red Dress Party was July 7 and it was a smashing success. You may recall this party from its embryonic stage. Well, we pulled it off.

11 women gathered at a local pub, all wearing some variation on the theme. Some came in spite of not knowing anyone else there. There was a blue dress and a white dress. There were floor length ball gowns and short, perky little numbers. Each had a story.

One was a bridesmaid’s dress from a friend’s wedding, altered to be more dramatic and to fit a body altered by 7 years and a pregnancy. One was a mother of the bride dress. A couple were stellar bargains. One was even free.

We walked around The Forks and were mistaken for a wedding party, mooned by a skateboarder, and openly admired by many. One stranger asked why she hadn’t been invited. We took pictures in the trees and rolled down hills in our dresses.


As a gathering, it was a lovely evening of sisterhood. We all agreed that a different date and a wider invitation net next year would be likely to attract more people. For a gathering whose purpose is self-esteem and general mental well-being, we thought March might be a good option. Still cold and dark, lake and wedding season won’t have started yet. Might be tougher to get a good bargain on a dress, but we can always start a dress bank. If we were smart, we’d all buy next years’ dresses now.


Naomi, Monique and me

In any case, the party was a great time and friends new and old agree we will do it again. Who’s in?

My sister Maegan, me, our mom Mary and our aunt (her sister) Cathy



About therapeuticrambling

I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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