As you may know, we moved this summer. The house was a little bit terrible. There was wallpaper or carpet on every surface that was not a ceiling. We’ve excised 98% of the wallpaper and 99% of the carpet everywhere above grade. There remain four kind of carpet, four kinds of wallpaper and six kinds of wood paneling in the basement (I am NOT kidding), but that will be another tale for another time.

Tomorrow, the Great Kitchen Renovation begins, wherein we replace all the flooring on the main level, as well as completely gut the kitchen and redesign the back entrance. And by “we” I mean a contractor. I plan to do nothing more than point at pretty fixtures on the internet and ask him to get them for me. I’ve been practicing saying “Just add it to the bill.”

We started out by saying we didn’t want to do any of the work this time. We work full time, and have two very busy kids. If we tried to do it ourselves, I can guarantee it would take years. And then we’d still have to hire someone to finish it because the kids would need to sell off the house when they put us in a nursing home.

While I’m still not keen on doing any of the work, this weekend has been nothing but, and all kitchen related. We needed to get everything out of the living room, dining room and kitchen so they could come in tomorrow and start destroying. I had no idea how much stuff we’d packed in there in five months. Aimee now has a full-size couch in her bedroom.

Currently, the fridge is in the basement and the contents of the kitchen are split between the main-floor laundry room, a closet, and the rec room. Things we thought we could live without for two months are in any of a dozen Rubbermaid tubs (taking bets on how many of those tubs get reabsorbed into the new kitchen and how many are left down there until the kids sell the house and put us in a home). Things we thought we would use are in or near to the temporary “kitchen”.  We have a microwave, a toaster over, an electric frying pan, rice cooker, and crock pot. And a coffee pot, of course. I’d been considering cutting down, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea right now.

Everyone has been assigned their cup, plate, bowl and cutlery. They have been warned, on pain of death, that they are responsible for washing it as soon as they are finished using it. The necessities, like cereal and boxed wine, are close at hand. I have a big batch of meal prep done – in the freezer we have meatballs, pre-portioned chicken, pork tenderloin, chopped veggies, chicken pot pie (thanks, Emma!), shepherd’s pie, and spaghetti with sauce. I’m ready to roll.

Here are some pictures of our laundry room/kitchen, which, until last week was decorated with brown-and-navy shag carpet and three different kinds of lighthouse wallpaper (let me know if you are looking for a decorator/painter/carpet ripper-outer).



Tomorrow I may post some before pictures. Or perhaps I will regale you with images of all the junk stacked in the basement. Or rage about unreliable sub-contractors, unavoidable delays or cost overruns.

Just consider this the start of my descent into madness. Anyone know where I put the booze?


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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