Day Two. The contractor showed up on time, and all the cabinets are out on the driveway. I posted them for sale on Kijii and have had six inquiries already. It will be a drop in the bucket, but at least they won’t end up in the landfill.

We managed to cook an actual supper with all the food groups, and no one stepped on anyone else while we washed dishes.

However the bad news(es):

First, they found an errant plumbing pipe in a rather inconvenient spot when they destroyed the wall. Now, we wait until the plumber can come and a) tell us where it could go and b) what that will cost.

Next, the flooring won’t be in on time. We are going away for a hockey tournament in a couple of weeks and they were planning to take the dog-less and people-less time to do the floors. Now, it sounds like that may be delayed. Hopefully it doesn’t mean another weekend in a hotel.

So here are a few before pictures:

Kitchen-2 Kitchen-3 Kitchen-4 Kitchen-6

And here is the progress to date:

Kitchen-Jan07 Kitchen-Jan07-2 Kitchen-Jan07-4

We’ll see what happens tomorrow!


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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2 Responses to Two

  1. Mary Clerihew says:


  2. Ellen says:

    wow! That’s some progress already! Very exciting! So glad you’re posting about the reno – you know how renos are so dear to my heart! I’m still not completely over the trauma of ours, but I will admit it’s been worth it 🙂 Your house looks lovely in the “before” pics – can’t wait to see the “after”s. The “during”s are pretty fun too. Probably more fun for me than for you!

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