Well we made an exciting discovery today. Ok, well, it wasn’t in the category of hitherto-unknown-hidden-staircase-to-secret-room, or duffel-bag-of-cash-in-a-wall, but I believe it might actually make us the proud owners of a world record. In the kitchen, we found two more kinds of wallpaper, bringing the grand total up to… drum roll… 18! 18 different types of wallpaper have adorned the walls of this house.

I would like to thank the inventor of wallpaper, personally. I hope there is a special corner of hell for wallpaper enthusiasts – every square millimeter of which is covered in a visual cacophony of colours, patterns and styles. Oh wait, that’s my house.

Anyway, the tragic news of the day is that my favourite light fixture has been removed.


You can see it right there, hanging from the ceiling. In the strangest place, right between the living and dining rooms. We called it The Dingleberries. I was the only one who thought it was cool. So ugly it was cool, but cool nonetheless.

In other news, there are some stud walls up and some other light fixtures down. Doesn’t look a whole lot different, but apparently progress is being made. Electrician comes Thursday.


See the awesome vinyl flooring? Won’t miss that!

I’m off to post The Dingleberries on Kijiji to see if I can get anyone to adopt them, and up the coolness factor in their house, as mine has been sadly reduced.



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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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