What day are we up to, four? Five? I’ve already lost count. Watch for the numbers to increase exponentially rather than linearly, as I get more and more tired of mess.

I didn’t write yesterday because nothing really happened. Today, all kinds of stuff happened but it’s all fairly invisible, at least now that the attractive tradesmen are gone for the day. Here’s the rundown:

  • electricians were here marking out outlets, switches and pot lights
  • they recommended under cabinet lighting, which vindicates my original suggestion which was not well-received by Trevor
  • plumber has “a plan” for the recalcitrant pipe that was causing us some concern (hard to make a nice big copper stack into an architectural feature)

That’s about it.

Oh, wait, the big news – sold the old cabinets! An anal retentive old sexist cheapskate came and took them away on his trailer (not before wrapping them each in plastic, spacing them with cardboard, and covering them very carefully with a tarp, which he then nailed down – it was like they were plutonium, even though they were actually just sticky old cupboards) and gave me $650! I figure that will go some way toward paying for the restaurant meals we will be eating until it’s done.

Sadly, however, I have not even had a nibble on The Dingleberries. 65 people have looked at my ad (go to kijiji and look up “retro light fixture, it’s a very convincing ad) but no takers. Yet. I really hope I can be vindicated on that one because it really is so ugly it’s cool.

Today’s pics – hard to see because the electricians managed to wire some stuff but can’t actually hook anything up until an inspection and some other stuff (like fixtures and actual switches) so squint a little. And also harder to see since they don’t want to upload. Just imagine the same ones from Tuesday, only dark.

Tomorrow, more electrical and possibly some plumbing. Conveniently, there is a blizzard forecast, so I will be working from home. Which is extra lucky, since Trevor says the plumber is as hot as the electricians.



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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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