Start of Week Two. Coping so far. REALLY looking forward to an 11 foot island, since we have exactly three square inches of useful horizontal surface space.

We have a lot of holes in the ceiling today, where apparently there will someday be lights. The plumber was here to tame the recalcitrant stack (I think that means they chopped it off with a reciprocating saw… hopefully it’s to code). By the end of the week we should have solid walls and some semblance of plumbing.

So about The Dingleberries. No, I didn’t sell them (sigh) – yet. But I think they’re charmed. Turns out they almost killed us. The electricians were crawling around in the attic to run wire and they found the one that powered the fixture. Whoever installed it ran out of wire, so they connected another piece with one of those plastic twisty things. And that was it. It languished there among the insulation for who knows how long (well, however long it’s been since it was fashionable… I can only assume it was at some point), no junction box, nothing. It’s a miracle it didn’t burn down the house. Somehow, I feel a little like we dodged a bullet. Like maybe The Dingleberries were looking out for us or something.

Anyway, here is today’s progress:



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