Day Nine – I think. The hazards of not blogging every day.

Since we last talked, we got drywall, plaster and some (non-functional) light fixtures. Apparently there has been progress with the plumbing, but it’s not visible. Oh, and the last of the above-grade carpet has been eradicated – the two layers covering the stairs are gone and the hardwood underneath is ready to be refinished. The carpet census topped out at 12 different kinds in the house. 4 remain – all of which are in the basement.

We took delivery of our new fridge today too. It is very pretty, except for the giant W-shaped scratch on the door. But at least it means that the coffee cream is not in the basement.

And the big news – I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting for news on The Dingleberries. Well, they’re gone. I had to give them away for free, but they have been claimed and will become a porch light. I’m sure their new owner will love them as much as we did.

Photo from yesterday:


Note the holes in the ceiling and patches everywhere.

Photo from today:


Note the plaster guy’s jeans and shoes :-/


This is the stairs – the black mess on the risers is the rubber backing from the beautiful gold, orange and brown carpet that was under the oatmeal-coloured berber. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

Tomorrow, apparently there will be more plastering and more plumbing.

I’m reticent to put this in writing, but so far we are on time for everything.


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One Response to Nine

  1. Tammie Lang says:

    I have been enjoying these postings regarding your renos! Very entertaining and informative! I did not know that one could lay carpet over carpet for instance….. What were they thinking?? It goes to show that you never know what you may come across while doing renos. Also, happy to hear that the dingleberries found a home. 🙂

    It must be very exciting never the less. I hope it all is accomplished on schedule. I am sure you will love the results!


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