Letter sent to the customer service address today.

Dear Stalwart Appliances:

I would appreciate if you would forward this cautionary tale to all staff at Stalwart Appliances.

I wanted to let you know why I will never again make a purchase from Stalwart and why I will actively discourage friends and family from shopping there. Stalwart Appliances has provided me with one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had.

In December 2012, we came into the showroom looking for a fridge and dishwasher. We ordered (and paid for) both. The estimated delivery for the fridge was January 7.

Around January 9th or 10th, we started emailing Zenon (our salesman) to find out when we might expect our fridge. No email was returned. We called several times. On the occasions we reached a human (never Zenon), we were promised a return call with an estimated delivery date. No call ever came. Finally, after a full week, I happened to reach Carla by phone. She told us our fridge would not be available until February. When I expressed disappointment that we had not been notified of a delay, she suddenly “found” one for us. It was delivered the next day. Problem #1 – It took an angry phone call to get any information about when we could expect the product for which you had already taken our money. Please note – My anger was not about the late delivery. It was about your staff’s refusal to provide us with any information.

The fridge arrived as promised, but it looked like it had been dropped in transit. There were scratches and dents and parts that did not work. When we called you to report this, we were told, “Sorry, we don’t deal with repairs.” Problem #2: you delivered us a defective product and refused to take responsibility for fixing it. Instead, after spending thousands of dollars with you, we had to take time to deal with something that was your fault, but somehow our problem.

Unfortunately, before we realized the dearth of customer service we could expect from Stalwart, we gave you even more of our money for a special order beverage fridge. We were told to expect a wait of 4-6 weeks, and promised we would be informed of the estimated delivery date. We never received this information. After six weeks, we started calling and emailing. Again, your staff could not be bothered to respond. I had to go into the store and request my money back before Colin got around to investigating the delay. Problem #3: Same as Problem #1.

I hope you understand that notwithstanding Problem #2, the issue was never the wait for the products we had paid for. We were well prepared to wait, and would have waited longer, had you, who were in possession of our money, the courtesy to let us know approximately how long it might take. Any information would have been appreciated, and would likely have resulted in much more patience.

I don’t know why it was such a fight to get information from you. Maybe you were particularly busy over this period. I would think, though, that someone could find five minutes to figure out what was happening and let us know. And considering the money your customers spend on the high-end products with you, it surprises me that any of them would put up with such a lack of basic service as dealing with pre-delivery problems like damage or delay.

Perhaps basic courtesy is not an expectation of your business. Perhaps you don’t need repeat business. If that’s the case, you have been successful with us.

In any case, I’m sure you can see why we are choosing to take our future business elsewhere, and why we will openly share this opinion with others, so that they might be spared similar frustrations.

etc. etc.


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I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a writer. I enjoy laughing.
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